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Moisture Cure Urethanes

Moisture Cure Urethanes: The " What and Why."

Moisture Cure Urethane is a single component Product which is formulated to use moisture as its second component, eliminating the need for mixing as well as offering a broader environmentally compatible application capability.

The many advantages of MCU's include:

  • Expanded seasons for Painting as well as alternatives to conditions which limit other type Products being applied.
  • Consistent and long lasting
  • Reduced "down time" for applications
  • Curing capability as low as 20 degrees
  • Curing capability up to 99 percent humidity
  • Not limited by dew point differentials
  • Zero VOC Formulations

Excellent for Chemical Plants, Bridges, Marine Splash Zones, Power Plants and Wastewater Facilities, as well as Pulp and Paper and Petroleum Facilities.


Zinc-Thane 2805 Moisture Cure Urethane Zinc Rich Primer

Zinc-Thane 2806 Moisture Cure Urethane MIO/Zinc Primer

Chem-Tar 2808 Moisture Cure Coal Tar Urethane

Chem-Thane 2821 Moisture Cure Urethane intermediate coat

Chem-Thane 2822 Moisture Cure Urethane MIO finish

Chem-Thane 2822HS Low VOC Moisture Cure Urethane MIO finish

Chem-Thane 2823 Moisture Cure Urethane gloss finish

Chem-Thane 2823HS 2.8 VOC Moisture Cure Urethane gloss finish

Chem-Thane 2831 Surface tolerant Moisture Cure Urethane primer/sealer

Chem-Thane 2833 Moisture Cure Urethane semi-gloss finish

Chem-Thane 2833HS 2.8 VOC Moisture Cure Urethane semi-gloss finish

Chem-Thane 2836 Moisture Cure Urethane penetrating sealer

Chem-Thane 2950 Moisture Cure Urethane aluminum

Chem-Thane 4225 Moisture Cure Urethane concrete sealer

Rusty Metal Blocking Primer/Sealer/Finishes

These products were developed to be applied over intact  rusty metal substrates.  The combination of a special anti-corrosive resin, anti-corrosive pigments and a platy, flat pigment prevents rust migration for an extended period. Anti-corrosion testing shows it outperforms every other similar product tested by a wide margin.

Chem-thane 2951 Rusty Metal Primer/Finish Black

Chem-thane 2953 Rusty Metal Primer/Finish Oxide Red

Chem-Thane 2955 Rusty Metal Primer/Finish Aluminum

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