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Polyaspartic Coatings

IndMar Coatings-was the REAL First Name in polyaspartic floor coatings and still manufactures the highest quality and most complete line of polyaspartics available period. Other companies advertise that they were the First Name in polyaspartic floor coatings, however it was IndMar that actually developed and manufactured the products for most of these companies. IndMar is a true manufacturer that has successfully developed and manufactured its wide range of coating formulations far in excess of (30 years). Many other companies selling polyaspartic floor coatings are really only distributors and resellers and add limited or zero value to the supply chain.

“Not all Polyaspartics Are Created Equal”

PROVEN RECORD: IndMar has manufactured products used on more than 100,000 floors. Our field proven products have the tested strength of years of practical application and come to you with the confidence of our warranty. Purchasing direct from IndMar enables professional applicators to benefit from factory direct costs along with the availability of technical support from a staff of real chemists and application experts.

SUPERIOR PRODUCT: The solids content formulation of our products is not based on standard and openly available industry wide formulas but instead is based on five years of extensive field use and on hundreds of laboratory test measurements on concrete to determine the optimum penetration and adhesion properties. IndMar is one of only a few manufacturers who have actually developed the technology to supply ready mixed colors. Most suppliers today furnish “color packs” to add to their clear base. This decreases the quality of the product by changing the chemical ratios. The exact ratios are critical to the formulation of any polyaspartic formulation. The result of adding pigments to the clear formula in the field will likely result in a marked reduction in abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and increases the likelihood hot tire pick-up. And on top of that it will costs more. There are suppliers who market 100% solids products and simply pour materials out of a drum and resell them. A 100% solids product will by its design provide a weaker bond and a product that will not stand up to longevity of our formulation. IndMar’s extensive testing has resulted in a unique polyaspartics formulation that incorporates adhesion promoters, surface active agents to prevent bubbling, anti-settling agents and other proprietary additives.

IndMar was the original developer of Polyaspartic Stains and currently offers 12 different colors which produce a variegated semi-transparent appearance on concrete. A use patent has been filed for this application.

Polyaspartic coatings have also been found to give outstanding performance on other type surfaces such as metal or fiberglass. A single coat application of Chem-Thane DCP has passed over 2000 hours in salt fog testing and when used over a zinc rich primer such as Zinc-thane 2805 has passed 13,750 hours in corrosion testing. In four years Black Box testing in Florida, this product exhibited 95% color and gloss retention. The hardness and abrasion resistance have given outstanding performance for use on wind turbines and blades. The real benefit to the applicator is the years of fine tuning to create an optimum field tried and proven set of polyaspartic coatings. Confidence for you and your customer.

WIDE PRODUCT RANGE: Special Polyaspartic products developed and produced by IndMar Coatings include the following:

  • Chem-Thane DCP Flex, the original and still the best polyaspartic floor coating. A true one day floor application.
  • Chem-Thane DCP, the general use polyaspartic coating for use on metal surfaces and over properly primed substrates.
  • Chem-Thane DCP Stain, a polyaspartic concrete stain which provides a variegated, semi-transparent appearance.
  • Chem-Thane Crack, an aliphatic crack repair suitable for exterior usage without yellowing which hardens in 10 minutes. Has elongation of 400%.
  • Chem-Thane DCP Char, a fire retardant polyaspartic coating which creates foam which subjected to direct fire and prevents burning of the substrate.
  • Chem-Thane DCP ESD, an electrostatic dissipative conductive coating which prevents static electricity charges while maintaining the other exception properties associated the IndMar’s polyaspartic floor coatings.
  • Chem-Thane DCP Slic, an anti-graffiti coating which allows easy clean-up and restoration of original surfaces.
  • Chem-Thane DCP Lite, special effect polyaspartic coatings which offer Glow in Dark, Black Light and Fluorescent appearances.
  • Chem-Thane DCP Flec, a metallic polyaspartic coating which has the appearance of changing color depending upon angle of viewing.

In spite of being the industry leader in polyaspartic technology, IndMar Coatings is committed to meeting the requirements of a constantly changing coatings industry and to the green environment. We are committed to retaining the leadership position in the industry that is based on science and the limitless bounds of chemistry.

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