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Doak Campbell Stadium at Florida State University Abrams Tank coated with CARC Coatings Golden Gate Bridge. Coatings for the protection of bridges

Project Profiles

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Bonneville Lock and Dam Doak Cambell Stadium
US Army Corps of Engineers Florida State University
Located in the states of Washington and Oregon, this large federal waterway project controls the flow of the lower Columbia River. The dam is 197 feet high and 2690 feet long, and is protected with IndMar Coatings Products formulated to meet U.S. Army Corps of Engineers specifications. This facility, home to the Seminoles of FSU, contains over one million square feet of structural steel protected by IndMar Coatings Ban-Rust Coating System.
Golden Gate Bridge Railcar Coating
Coatings for the protection of Bridges are a significant part of our business. IndMar Coatings is pre-approved supplier in most States for Bridge Coatings. IndMar Coatings offers a diverse line of Products to the Railcar Industry. High performance Epoxies and Polyurethanes for use on Locomotives, Direct to Metal (DTM) Enamels for Boxcars, Car Carriers, Gondolas and Chemical Resistant Tank Linings are all immediately available.
Defense Coatings
IndMar Coatings is proud to supply Defense Coatings, such as those used on the Abrams Tank. IndMar is one of only a few manufacturers qualified by the U.S. Army to produce these products.
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