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Floor Coatings

Indmar Coatings Corp. is a manufacturer of a wide variety of floor coatings, both for interior and exterior usage and for concrete and wood surfaces. Its premier coating systems are the polyaspartic coatings which were first successfully developed by Indmar Coatings. The list of different flooring materials are the most versatile of the industry and Indmar is a manufacturer, not a distributor which pretends to be a manufacturer like some of the well know distributors. The two downloadable color cards reflect the colors available in all solid colors and in all stains. Our floor coatings are listed below:



  • Chem-thane DCP-Flex-72% solids polyaspartic floor coating; the flagship product of Indmar Coatings. Available in clear and ready mixed colors.

  • Chem-thane DCP-Flex EPL-the extended pot life (working time) standard products.

  • Chem-thane DCP-Flex EPL Zero VOC-72% solids extended pot life product with no VOC solvents.

  • Chem-thane DCP-Flex Zero VOC-standard 72% solids with no VOC solvents.

  • Chem-thane DCP-Flex UF(Ultra-flex)-flexible 72% polyaspartic for use over soft surfaces and flexible primers. Also available in EPL (extended pot life) and Zero VOC.

  • Chem-thane DCP-Flex PUR-100% solids polyaspartic using new low viscosity resins. No VOC and No Odor. Suitable for use with metallic powders. Also, available in EPL (extended pot life).

  • Chem-thane DCP-Flex Polyaspartic Stain-colors available on color card to produce semi-transparent appearances. Also, available in EPL (extended pot life) and Zero VOC

  • Chem-thane DCP AM-antimicrobial polyaspartic finish to prevent bacteria and germ contamination in hospitals, schools, growth facilities and other public locations. Also, available in EPL (extended pot life) and Zero VOC.

  • Chem-thane DCP Char-intumescent fire retardant polyaspartic; will actually extinguish burning fires. Also available in EPL (extended pot life), Zero VOC and UF Ultraflex.




  • Chem-thane CRU Chemical Resistant Urethane-a pure polyester urethane which has excellent chemical resistance to many chemicals for use as a finish coat in a concrete floor coating system.

  • Chem-thane 4810 Polyurethane Finish-an economical two component high performance coating with excellent color and gloss retention.



  • Acry-Crete Cementitious Acrylic-concrete topping and underlayment for use to smooth rough and pitted floors prior to coating application.

  • Pur-Crete Cementitious Urethane topping-a urethane-cement mixture used to fill rough and pitted concrete surfaces.




  • Chem-Pon 2006 Epoxy Primer/Finish-72% solids very versatile epoxy.  Has great adhesion to concrete.  Very easy to apply.

  • Chem-pon 2026 Single Component Epoxy Finish-an extremely easy to apply, economical, floor coating.  Ideal for homeowners.

  • Chem-Pon 2329 Epoxy Coating-100% solids two component epoxy coating for use on concrete.  No odor and no VOCs.  Great for use with metallic powders.

  • Chem-pon 2060 Water Based Epoxy-easy to apply with minimal odor.  Good adhesion to concrete and various other surfaces.

  • Chem-Pon 2361 Epoxy Fill-coat and Topping-100% solids silica filled epoxy for filling and smoothing damaged floors prior to application of finish coats.   

Sample kits are available for any of the above coatings upon request.

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